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Impact a Child’s Life

Lasting Effects of Your Gift

Being read to as a child and having books in the home are the two factors most associated with later success in school.
Reading to a child enhances critical brain development in the early years of life.
By developing a love of reading, children are set on the path to becoming lifelong readers and learners.
Early Literacy Matters-read statistics at the Governor’s Books from Birth site.

Financial Accountability

The Sullivan County Imagination Library is an all-volunteer organization, with no paid staff. Because we have no personnel costs, an impressive 94% of our budget is spent on paying for the Imagination Library books and the postage to mail them.

The Sullivan County Imagination library is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, so your contributions are tax-deductible.

Our Costs and Funding Partners

  • The cost of enrolling one child for one year is approximately $30.00.
  • The Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation provides half of the total cost per child.
  • The remaining amount must be raised by the local Sullivan County Imagination Library Organization.
  • Presently, we are mailing books to 7,600 Sullivan County children each month. Our monthly book bill runs about $7000 a month or over $80,000 a year.
  • See Contributors link for a full list of our donors.


The mission of the Sullivan County Imagination Library is to develop the love of reading in all children in this county by providing an age-appropriate book each month to every child from birth to five years.


“Imagine” the benefits to children and to society, if all kindergartners arrived at school loving books and reading!