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Board of Directors-2019

  • Lark Adams-Marketing consultant for VIPSeen Magazine
  • Karen Baker-Director of Early Childhood Learning Center at Kingsport City School
  • Jane Bellamy-Retired Teacher and Community Volunteer
  • Misty Bittinger-Insurance Producer at Bill Lawson State Farm Insurance
  • Rhoda Bliese-Retired Professor from Mountain Empire Community College
  • Claudia Byrd-Executive Director of Speedway Children’s Charities 
  • Melissa Clemens-Financial Advisor with Cary Street Partners
  • Tammie Davis-Retired Chief Human Resources Officer from Kingsport City Schools
  • Evelyn Edwards-Retired Teacher from Sullivan County Schools
  • Beth Faber-IT Technical writer for Eastman Chemical Company
  • Stanley Fish-Retired Technical Representative from Eastman Chemical Company
  • Erin Kingsley-Assistant Professor of English at King University
  • Sandra Little-Retired Teacher from Kingsport City Schools
  • Chris Manley-Environmental Associate at Eastman Chemical Company
  • Barbara Maston-Retired Elementary School Librarian
  • Robin McClellan-Supervisor of Elementary Education of Sullivan County Schools
  • Brenda Moriarty-Retired Librarian/Media Specialist from Kingsport City Schools
  • Adair Murdoch-Retired from State Farm Insurance Company
  • Keri-Lynn Paulson-Electronic Resources Librarian at King University
  • Carrie Schwartz-Retired Teacher and Community Volunteer
  • Drew Street-Associate Attorney at Wilson Worley
  • Kate White-Teacher for Bristol City Schools
  • Cathy Williams-Retired teacher Kingsport City Schools
  • Elaine Zoeller-Retired Environmental Engineer from Eastman Chemical Company

Back: Beth Faber, Kate White, Rhoda Bliese, Sharon Brown (volunteer), Tammie Davis, Chris Manley, Lark Adams, Carrie Schwartz, Keri-Lynn Paulson, Karen Baker, Jane Bellamy, Brenda Moriarty

Front: Evelyn Edwards, Erin Kingsley, Elaine Zoeller, Barbara Matson, Sandra Little, Melissa Clemens, Cathy Williams, Claudia Byrd, Drew Street

Absent: Adair Murdoch, Stanley Fish, Robin McClellan, and Misty Bittinger