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My mother first told me about Imagination Library when I was pregnant with my first child.  I was so excited about it.  I signed both my boys up as soon as they were born and couldn’t wait to receive the first book. I read to the boys before every nap and before bedtime.  It was a special time as I held, rocked and read to them.

As the boys grew just a little older and were barely able to stand….they began choosing books off their bookshelves to look at.  Before they could even speak, they were bringing me books to read to them.  Their shelves were quickly filling up with great books from Imagination Library and they loved it.

As the preschool years came, their love of books continued.  They loved receiving the books in the mail.  It was like Christmas.  They always wanted to read the new book the day they received it. We read some books so much, that they memorized the entire books word for word.

My boys are 7 and 4 years old now and they still love books! We still read everyday and it is still a very special time.  A time that I truly cherish!!  My boys are as different as night and day, but their love of books remain the same.

My 7 year old has an amazing vocabulary and excels in reading, comprehension, and spelling. My 4 year old is in the early stages of reading, but I have no doubt he will excel as well. I believe reading and all the books from Imagination library have contributed to that.

I appreciate all the books we have received and truly believe that this has encouraged my boys love of reading.  Some of their favorite places to go are bookstores and libraries!!

We could never pick just one favorite book, but a few favorites are Good Night Moon, Pigs Love Potatoes, The Little Engine That Could and Easy Street.

The books have truly been a blessing! Thank you!!

Diana Barr


I really cannot say enough good things about the Imagination Library program. I have three children, all of whom benefited from this program. Each month, I watched as they waited, with great anticipation, for the new book that would come in the mail. I have seen a great love for books develop in each one of my kids, but especially the youngest. His personal favorites were the books about a certain llama…llama llama red pajama, llama llama mad at mama, & llama llama misses mama by Anna Dewdney. As a homeschool mom, I know the importance first hand of having good quality books available for my kids. And while our local libraries are a great resource, it was nice to also develop our own personal library at home. Not only did the Imagination Library help us do this, but it helped instill a love of books and learning in my children and I will forever be grateful.

 Carrie Faust,  Sunnyside Baptist Church Children’s Director 


IMAGINE a house with a toddler but not a book to be found.  IMAGINE your child coming home from Pre-Kindergarten with paperwork for you to fill out and you cannot do it because you have no idea what information you are supposed to supply.  IMAGINE the humiliation you would feel when your four-year old child asked for help with their homework and you weren’t able to help them. IMAGINE knowing that your child is falling behind in school due to the fact that they lack the necessary reading skills to keep up and you know it’s because you never read to them…because you can’t.  IMAGINE inwardly cringing as you hear your child use poor grammar and speak incoherently, knowing it is how you speak and that you are the only role model he or she has ever known.  IMAGINE overhearing other parents whisper as you struggle to read the teacher’s names outside the classroom door.  IMAGINE sitting across from your child’s teacher, with your head hung in shame, tears in your eyes, as you admit to them that your child is illiterate because you are.  IMAGINE the difference IMAGINATION LIBRARY can make.

As a teacher, I have witnessed all the above.  I have also witnessed the difference that can be made by simply delivering one book a month to a child’s home.  Suddenly, a house that was void of literature is now a house of limitless possibilities.  I have been privileged to hear the sweet testimony of a mother who realized, as the books began to arrive in her mailbox for her newborn, that she wanted to be able to read those books to her child.  It was Imagination Library that prompted her to enroll in adult education classes and learn to read for her child but ultimately for herself.  Can you IMAGE the doors and possibilities that were suddenly opened for this young mother?  IMAGINE how many other stories similar to this one that we simply have not heard.

As a parent, I applaud your program and what you have accomplished as well as things to come.  As a citizen, I thank you for being proactive in promoting literacy and the effect it has on other areas of our society such as unemployment and the improved self-worth of individuals.  As a teacher, I bless you for making my job a little easier by at least providing the opportunity for the child, the parent, and possibly even the grandparent the exposure to a book and all the wonderful adventures that await between its pages.  For, when you open the door to reading, you open the door to a future.

With gratitude,
Rachel Davis Burdine
Miller Perry Elementary School


My son will turn five in July—my how fast the time goes! He will soon peer into the mailbox for the last time, looking for his Imagination Library book. I am so thankful for this program! I have always treasured books and valued their educational and entertaining properties! How special the time in the evenings when my son and I get to sit down and read together! There has been a slight improvement in my financial status since my son’s birth. Until recently though, the purchasing of a new book simply wasn’t in the budget. How wonderful it has been to get a new book in the mail each month—for free! When my son became old enough to understand the process of mail and that he was receiving mail, the trips to the mailbox took on added excitement! My son has looked forward to opening the mailbox to discover a new adventure…all wrapped up in a book!

On behalf of me and my son, thank you so much! Thank you, everyone, for all you do to keep this program going—to keep delivering those smiles in the mailbox!

My 3½ year old daughter has been receiving a monthly book selection from the Imagination Library project for about 2 years. We enrolled her using the internet after a local news segment provided details about the program.

The books have all been age appropriate for her with life lessons such as sharing, family values and kindness to others included as main parts of each story. Their arrival usually results in her immediate request to have them read aloud. She has identified several favorites that she returns to repeatedly. She sometimes will also select a book and sit alone quietly, slowly turning page after page and appears to be recalling some sections of the book she had previously heard read. Because, at her age, she does not recognize written words, the visual queues from the pictures seem to stimulate her imagination to construct her own story using the book as a guide while interspersing her own experiences.

These books arriving in our mailbox on a monthly basis have provided the opportunity for us as parents to share the excitement of the written word with our daughter while expanding her imagination and exposure to the world. This is truly a wonderful program with benefits for both parent and child alike.

Micheal Poplarchik


The Imagination Library was introduced to our children at the preschool two years ago. We give each new family a brochure as soon as they join our preschool family. It’s a great start for children to introduce them to quality literature and open them up to the wonderful world of reading. We appreciate everything the Imagination Library does.

Sheila Parker
Preschool Teacher


This is the best thing to come to Tennessee since the Grand Ole Opry! It’s a win-win situation. Imagine every month a free book is delivered to each of my granddaughters opening a whole new world to them. Nothing could spark their interest more in the written word. Next comes the second gift, the parent or grandparent can read and enjoy this book with their child for years to come. What a wonderful world!

Terry English


I would like to express my thanks to all of the volunteers that give their time to the Sullivan County Imagination Library. My two youngest children have benefited from receiving books for several years. The books that they receive are interesting and hold my children’s attention. It’s fun for kids to receive something in the mail. My children look forward to the day their book comes. Katie, my newly turned 5 year old, went through a stage where she slept with her book every night until the next one came.

Please pass on my gratitude to all of those involved in making this program work.

Val Love


My son and I volunteer at our local library. He has learned to respect books, such as we do not write in, color, or tear pages out of books. He loves to go to the library, he knows that there are many forms of media there and that there is always someone ready and willing to help. We starting going to the reading program at the Colonial Heights Library before he could even walk. It has sparked a great love of books in him. We signed up for the Imagination Library books for the kids. Adam was so excited to get his first book. He feels like Dolly is a friend. He looked forward to getting a new book each month. We are season pass holders at Dollywood. The Imagination Library made going to Dollywood even more personal because he knew that Dolly sent him a book each month and he looks for Dolly when we go. Thanks so much.

Rene Cox